Extraits de presse - Anglais
Piano wizard Jean-François Antonioli edged each phrase in silver, and the orchestrals vigor and vivid tone color paid eloquent tribute to their distinguished guests. (Mark Adamo)

THE TIMES (London)
Jean-François Antonioli gave a polished account of Schumanns Carnaval. The pianist's expressive accomplishment was never in doubt. (Noël Goodwin)

Jean-François Antonioli shows, in these performance, a particularly solid grasp on Martins complex rhythmic idiom, and he plays off the orchestra with exactly the kind of grace and finesse that seem to be written into the score. (R.S.B.)

THE GAZETTE (Montreal, Canada)
The music combined power with great gentleness. Everything made wonderful sense, colors, phrasing and lyrical tone were superb. This was poetry by two artists: Liszt and Antonioli. I suddenly realised that I was no longer only a spectator, but had become an involved participant. One could see that the pianist was in his element and that he savoured this music. His interpretation was utterly musical, he did not play for virtuosic effects. The fiendishly difficult «Après une lecture de Dante» unleashed tremendous passion, but yet the expressiveness of Antonioli's delicate lyricism was as moving as the impassioned pianistic fireworks of his fingers. (Ilse Zadrozny)

Jean-François Antonioli is an impressive player: he is intirely inside the idiom and despatches the solo part with expertise. (R.L.)

The Swiss pianist Jean-François Antonioli joined Matthias Bamert for Raffs rarely heard Piano Concerto, earning loud and warm approval from the Filene Center audience. Mr. Antonioli made the most of the pianos Lisztian entrance. His phrasing was crystalline, and the long pensive Andante was quite touching. (Octavio Roca)

The clearly exceptionally gifted Jean-François Antonioli offers performances both lucid and suggestive and time and again finds a happy compromise between a traditional, often French, literalism, and the sort of opalescent haze that so often obscures Debussy's pin-point precision. Throughout, there is much individuality and an easy and immaculate mastery of many subtle as well as obvious difficulties.